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Colombian football betting: factors to consider

There are several factors besides the usual that must be considered by those who bet on Colombian football, is Betwinner legal in India.


The Copa Libertadores has always been a priority for the Colombian teams, and if a club is in the first line of the table, but it has important matches for the Copa Libertadores, priority will be given to them. There is a minimum difference in a key knockout event for the team that finishes first or eighth. This means that teams are often shuffled during qualifying for a knockout event, which can affect the results. If the team is very strong, they can stop trying. If the team is very weak, but they are not in danger, they can also stop trying.

Teams that are in danger of being eliminated early in the year are more likely to spend money and make changes. For this, one of two paths is often chosen. They are surprisingly good and play in a knockout event, or things are downright disastrous and a knockout becomes inevitable a few months before the end of the year.


Colombia has an immense natural diversity and this plays an important role in football. Bogota — the capital and hometown of the Santa Fe, Millonarios and La Echidad clubs — is located 2640 meters above sea level, high in the Andes. The weather here is completely unpredictable. One day there can be (and often do) rain, sleet and bright sun. The average temperature is around 10 ° C. Although the altitude is lower than in Bolivian La Paz, it does affect the ability of very active or elderly players to fight throughout the match.

The city of Barranquilla is home to the stadiums of Atletico Junior and the Colombian national team. Here, on the Caribbean coast, the average temperature is 27 ° C, and this greatly affects the matches. The Colombian national team plays home games in the afternoon to wear down opponents and gain an advantage at their home stadium. Other cities with warm and humid climates are Neiva (Atlético Huila), Monteria (Jaguares de Cordoba), Cali (Deportivo Cali and America Cali) and Barrancabermeja (Alliance Petrolera). In these cities, the advantage of the hosts is also very significant. Teams coming to Neiva sometimes have to change in the parking lot, as the heat in the locker rooms is unbearable.

In the “coffee” region (represented by the clubs “Tolima”, “Onse Caldas” and “Pereira”), as well as in nearby towns, the humidity is quite high, but the climate is mild and the altitude is moderate. The city of eternal spring Medellin and the Antioquia region (represented by the clubs Atletico Nacional, Deportivo Independiente Medellin, Aguilas Doradas and Envigado) are distinguished by warm, pleasant weather with periodic showers, here guests do not have additional difficulties.

Lack of motivation and uncomfortable, debilitating temperatures or altitudes can often lead to highly predictable zero draws in games where nothing is decided. Some smaller clubs may be saving up energy for important away matches in packed stadiums against the traditional giants of the Colombian league. There is also a clear additional motivation when the big teams meet in front of a huge crowd of fans, with live television being watched by the entire country.

Traditions and main interests of the clubs

Envigado and Deportivo Cali are very famous and important academies that prefer to introduce young talented players into their early rosters. This means that they often have some of the most talented players in the league who are sorely lacking in experience. This often leads to impressive league results, but it can also be a huge flop when the tension is very high, for example during elimination matches against a more experienced club in a crowded stadium.

It is not uncommon for smaller teams to qualify for knockout tournaments, but almost never become champions. If a small team is ranked first in the leaderboard, it is by no means the favorite in the knockout round. Usually one of the big teams wins the palm.

The most likely contenders for the title are Cali America, Atletico Junior and Atletico Nacional. Millonarios have the resources to become champions, but the club has often disappointed its fans. Deportivo Independiente Medellin, Deportivo Cali and Santa Fe lead the pursuit team. Tolima may well win the title too thanks to their efficient style. Teams such as Pasto, La Ekidad, Rionegro Aguilas and Bucaramanga have the organization, structure and finances to qualify for the knockout event when the opportunity arises. Envigado has successfully fielded the elite of the younger generation every few years, with incredible, impressive results in the league stage but failing in knockout matches.

Colombian “clasico”

Derby is unpredictable we are, but are of great importance. The most important clasico: Atletico Nacional — DIM (Medellin), Santa Fe — Millionarios (Bogota), Deportivo Cali — America Cali (Cali). The rivalry between cities is also very high, for example in the matches Nacional — America, Nacional — Millionarios, Deportivo Cali — DIM and America — Millonarios. These matches are very intense and the fans often demand attacking, energetic play. In such meetings, there are usually many cards and / or goals scored.

Colombian football is amazing with many young players on the teams. There are a number of reasons for what is happening on the pitch, all of which affect the results. While it can be difficult to predict results, I hope that the important information above will help you understand some of the key trends and have a huge advantage in predicting results.

There are usually certain reasons why the leaders of the standings often lose to the middle peasants. Hope you can now identify them!